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My sister was visiting recently and upon seeing an etched bear plate I had made, decided that for some of her Christmas presents she wanted me to make her plates similar to this.  I had only tried this technique once and so embarked to recreate it and even make some modifications.

Here is the process and my lessons learned:

  1. You will need a resist material to use for your stencil for sandblasting.  I used a 3M Buttercut Sandblast Stencil which I bought from His Glassworks.  They sell just a square foot of it for you to give it a try which is what I have been using.
  2. Select your design and decide if you want the design to be what is etched or leave the design as the iridescent and etch everything around it.  I so far have always etched the design.
  3. Assuming you do as I do and etch the design, pick the size of the glass that you are going to etch onto as you will need to cut a square of the resist to match this size exactly.
  4. Cut your design out of the resist material using an Exacto knife.  Lesson learned:  a) it is easiest to cut on the dark green side  and b)  the dark green side is the side that will be facing down, so you will need to flip your design if you have a specific direction you want your design to face.
  5. Peel off the facing of the resist and lay it on your glass.

    Glass Pieces with 3M Buttercut Sandblast Stencil Ready for Sandblasting

  6. Sandblast the glass to remove the iridescent coating from where the resist is not on the glass.
  7. Remove the resist and I save this by sticking it to wax paper, because if you are careful you can re-use this resist again another time.

    View of Glass after Sandblasting (right side) and Removing Resist (left side)

  8. Fuse your glass and just like any other piece of fused glass work it into the design of your glass art design.

An interesting insight is that black and darker colors have a more pronounced contrast.  I made the bear on black glass and it shows up very pronounced as does the skate which is on a darker green irid. I made the tennis racket on a blue iridescent glass and it is more subtle.

Completed Etched Bear Fused Glass Plate (available in my Etsy Store)

Fused (but not slumped yet) Etched Skate Plate

Fused (but not slumped yet) Etched Tennis Racket Plate

My husband likes the more subtle look better.  I think I like the bolder look.  Do you have a preference?

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I seem to have more than my fair share of fused glass failures as my growing pile of what-should-I-do-with-you is testament to this.  On the bright side I see them as a friendly reminder of my experiments to learn new things!

I like making drop vases, sometimes letting them drop between 2 and 8 inches.   A drop vase is where you make a glass disk and then rather than slumping it into a ceramic mold, the mold looks like a donut and the center of the glass disk drops through the hole of the mold to make a lovely vase.

Purple and Black Drop Vase (available in my Etsy store)

Several times as I am fusing a drop vase, I hear an unexpected thud.  The center of the glass disk should be slowing dropping through the hole at approximately 1235 degrees but when I peek inside, I find that the whole piece of glass fell through the hole and is sitting in a pile on the kiln shelf.  One such failure was an aqua glass with deeper blue pieces on it; I think my issue was that the pieces were just too heavy.   The resulting pile sort of looked like a conch shell so I added this glass piece next to my shells in my bathroom.  Nice mistake.

Another failed vase was a black and yellow vase and it sat in my failure pile for probably a year.  I finally decided to use the lump of glass, so I used the tile saw to cut it up into about 10 smaller pieces.  In reality, it had seemed a little boring with just the black and yellow, so I decided to add some green this time and put the cut pieces with some additional lime green pieces into a stainless steel ring and fused it to 1525 degrees to give the larger pieces enough time to fully fused down.

Pieces of Failed Glass Vase Ready to be Fused Again

Why the stainless steel ring?  I am still not very good at figuring out how much glass creates what size of final piece for melts since glass always tries to fuse to 1/4 inches (0r 6mm) and if it flowed off the kiln shelf onto the bottom of my kiln, I could ruin the kiln.  So “damming” the piece with the stainless steel ring is just a good precaution to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Okay, so now for the final circle.  I have made pot melts and screen melts, but I have never just take extra glass pieces and refused them and I love the result.  I don’t think I will try another drop vase with this disk, but  I do plan to add it onto a large sheet of transparent glass and then make a bowl out of it.

Yellow, Black and Green Re-Fused Disk

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I don’t often diverge from talking about glass, but this is something fun!  Here is a treasure hunt that I am participating in and you could win a gift certificate to my store and others! Please join the hunt!

IT’S HERE! One person will win apx $150.00 worth of Hand Crafted Products!! Enter TODAY :
OCEANTEAM Treasure Hunt

1.Follow these Clues to Each web site and write down the answers
Send those answers to this Email: brendasalzano@gmail.com
One entry per individual.
*Clue One From Reprieve’s Corner :
Let’s be festive, let’s be fun.
Halloween night has just begun.
For those without a costume,
Have no fear!
Orange and black item for your ear,
Provide fun and festive cheer!”
LInk: www.etsy.com/shop/ReprievesCorner

*Clue Two From Salzano’s:
“Under the Sea in a set of Three
Don’t be a dip and bring me some chips!”
Link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Salzanos

*Clue Three from Idle Creativity:
“These little town blues, are melting away”
Link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/IdleCreativity

*Clue Four From Altered State Of Tin:
“Is she a fashion model? Or could she be an undercover agent? She could be an actress or a vampire. She is mysteriously beautiful and naughty.”

*Clue Five from Jantastic Creations
“Everyone loves these including Zombies!”
LInk: http://www.etsy.com/shop/JantasticCreations

*Clue Six from Sea Horse Magic
“Ghouls, Goblins, Spiders for FRIGHT! All on Halloween NIGHT!”
LInk: http://www.etsy.com/shop/seahorsemagic

*Clue Seven from Nadine
“Hens scurrying across the field pecking at bugs and grubs
leave behind a present for the palate”
Link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/nadineandkathleen

☛The treasure hunt runs from October 13th to November 13th 8pm West Coast Time.
☛All entries will be drawn at random from those with the correct answers. Incorrect entries will not be eligible.
☛Winner will be announced on Friday November 16th at 3pm West Coast Time.
☛Prize awarded to the grand prize winner will receive a certificate from each participating Etsy Artist. No cash value, redeemable at each web site listed in the treasure hunt.
Total Value will be over $100.00!
☛Note: Void where restricted or prohibited. Oceanteam Etsy Artists, staff and their immediate families are not eligible to participate in the drawing for the Grand Prize. The Certificates will be considered void if not used by December 15th 2012.

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