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I learned a valuable lesson two weeks ago as I was sanding baseboards and door frames at our house.  By the time I finished 3 days of sanding, I had worn away a layer of skin on my fingertips and had many cracks which had a hard time healing.  I tried using gloves, but was not able to then feel whether I had gotten the wood smooth and so defaulted to no gloves.

After talking to a painter friend, he told me that the experts tape their fingers to prevent this from happening.  Guess I should have asked first!

This reminded me of my first use of my glass grinder.  Basically when grinding the glass, you hold onto the small piece of glass and push it into the grinder wheel.  If you push too hard with the sides of your fingers, you can easily cut them.  And I guess since you are applying constant pressure, you don’t really feel the cut until later.  But the end result is the same, very sore cracked fingers which take a while to heal!  The same solution works here – tape your fingers first.

I have to remember when I have guest glass artists in my studio to warn them of this, so make sure if you are new to grinding that you do this before you pay the price.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and a special thanks to all of you for reading my blog!  Welcome to the Holiday Season!

Red and White Swirl Holiday Plate (available in my Etsy Store)

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Sometimes life throws you curve balls and so it is right now as we are doing construction on our house and I have packed up my fusing supplies for a short while. I was able to keep my little 8-inch kiln in the family room, so while it is hard for me to do any cutting, it is pretty easy for me to do small things using frit and pre-cut shapes of glass.

Voila, time to make Christmas ornaments.  I already had some small circles in both clear and white and I bought some precut 3″ tree shapes.  I also had some precut smaller shapes of holly, gingerbread men, snowflakes and stockings and so I have snuck in some time, using these shapes along with frit and small pieces of glass to make ornaments!

Christmas Tree Ornaments and Gift Tags (available in my Etsy Store)

3-inch Fused Glass Christmas Ornaments and Gift Tags

3-inch Fused Glass Christmas Ornaments and Gift Tags

Sometimes you do what you have to do to stay sane among all the upheaval and change that comes with life.  🙂

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A brief interruption from talking about glass to discuss blog titles as I have learned just how important blog titles can be.

The first insight is the obvious one and I am sure you already know, that the more descriptive terms you have in your title, the easier it will be for people searching for knowledge on that topic to find your blog.  For my posts, people specifically search for “strip construction”, “mica powder”, “power tools”, “clear powder”, “pot melt” and so forth.  All are fused glass terms and hence if I want someone to learn from my post about pot melts, it makes sense to include that term in the title.

The second insight was not obvious to me at all until it happened several times which is why I wanted to share.  Sometimes I try to be too clever with my titles and instead of them getting any valid traffic from fused glass people, I get inundated with spam.  Examples are:

  • Thanks for the Framed Memories
  • Oceanteam Etsy Artist’s Treasure Hunt
  • Size Matters – Fused Glass Vase Shapes

Each of these titles has some keyword that must prompt the spammers to attack like memories, treasure hunt, size matters.  I don’t see these words listed in the search terms, but on the spam page I can see to which blog they are replying.   Most blogs never get any spam, but all of the above examples saw many, many spams to each of them.

I am sure the experts can give you numerous other reasons on why titles are important, but my key lesson learned is to be more specific in my titles and watch any extraneous words that I use that might bring on the spammers!

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