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I wanted to do an addendum to last week’s post about fusing small circles.  This past week I made several attempts to follow the same process with dichroic glass for the glass bookmarks as I did with clear glass.   With one exception, I did not end up with the perfect size circle after my first firing and instead I needed to grind the edges to make the circles the right size.   Here are my assumptions on why this is the case:

  1. Most of my smooth dichroic pieces are 2mm rather than 3mm thick.  And a stack of 3mm, 2mm, 3mm was just not enough to become a circle.
  2. I then tried to compensate for the too small stacks of 8mm and added a 2mm clear piece so now I had 10mm, but then it was hard to get an exact gauge at sizing to get the exact right size circle.
  3. Many of my rippled dichroic pieces are probably sold as 3mm, but they sure seem thicker to me and hence, I also couldn’t get an exact gauge on the square size needed to get my end result the right circle size.

One last input is that often times, when I used the thin 2mm dichroic glass on a black base it would not spread out for the full circle.  To compensate for this, make sure to add a 3mm piece of black under your dichroic piece so that you don’t end up with a square of black inside the clear.

Of course, the end result of small circles even with the added steps of grinding and then fire polishing is still possible and makes for wonderful additions to things like bookmarks and wine stoppers!

Fused Glass Bookmarks

Fused Glass Bookmarks

Last week’s post still works well for the 3mm thick glass pieces, however, it doesn’t work so well when working with dichroic glass as a short cut for getting the perfect size circle in one firing.

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